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This site is an online portfolio produced by Ted Piwowar (pronounced P-VOV-R), a multi-talented creative professional who is involved in producing several rich digital media formats. These formats include graphic and web design, web content management, motion graphics, email campaign management, and video.

I help enhance and improve exposure and brand image through both online and traditional media-related materials for marketing which benefit the companies and clients whom I worked with in the range from the independent small business to fortune 500 based. I've worn many hats from new media coordinator to multimedia producer to cross-trainer.

A variety of areas I've serviced with my skills in digital media production include arts & entertainment, education, financial, health-care, and manufacturing fields. For more information, visit the Services Page.

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Ted Piwowar - Owner
Arlington Heights, IL
Contact: 773-787-7411

To access my WordPress portfolio site which features experimental and non-professional creative work, clink on this LINK!

Current News:

August 19th, 2016  —  Back in 1994, I had created a animation short used for a White Noize Theater Productions which produced a black comedy play called “Stumpy’s Gang”, a story of Frank who is a bio-maintenance disposal engineer for a genetics laboratory. He happens to save a few mutated living experiments as pets. Frank stages little private shows, reminiscent of the early television programs he remembers so fondly, during his lunch hour, using his mutant pets as the unwilling stars of the shows he forces to stage. Frank is portrayed by Chicago veteran improv actor, Jim O’Heir, who also stars in the hilarious sit-com, Parks and Recreation (a personal favorite TV show).

Stumpy's Gang

I found out recently that my name and role in this productioion was mentioned in a VARIETY article review. Read it by clicking this link here! I plan on tracking down the footage and see if I can post this unique animation online!

I am currently going through a new move back to Chicago, Illinois. It’s been awhile but I’m also hoping to get back to my creative side to create more digital illustrations, animations, and videos soon. Moving does cost some time but I’m looking forward to a new s environment. Also, I’m currently taking online classes at focusing on Responsive Web Design and Layout. I plan on turning this site to be adaptive to mobile devices as well.

Stay Tuned

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