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This site is an online portfolio produced by Ted Piwowar (pronounced P-VOV-R), a multi-talented creative professional who is involved in producing several rich digital media formats. These formats include graphic and web design, web content management, motion graphics, email campaign management, and video.

I help enhance and improve exposure and brand image through both online and traditional media-related materials for marketing which benefit the companies and clients whom I worked with in the range from the independent small business to fortune 500 based. I've worn many hats from new media coordinator to multimedia producer to cross-trainer.

A variety of areas I've serviced with my skills in digital media production include arts & entertainment, education, financial, health-care, and manufacturing fields. For more information, visit the Services Page.

 Contact Info 

Ted Piwowar - Owner
Chicago, IL
Contact: 773-787-7411

To access my WordPress portfolio site which features experimental and non-professional creative work, clink on this LINK!

Current News:

December 14th, 2016  —  I’ve been doing some freelance work on the side as well as working my day job. The work involves photo re-touchup of a home being re-constructed in Conneticut. Another job involves creating sample digital illustrations to match the Duluth Trading Uniform online catalog. Both are challenging due to long-distance communication and getting to utilize Adobe Photoshop and AutoDesk Sketchbook on my tablet IPad Mini 2.

Looking forward to a productive and successful New Year in 2017!

Happy Holidays everyone!

- Ted Piwowar

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