Providing Collateral Design for
Multi-Channel  Marketing through:
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Focused —


– to improve clients’ brand image and online exposure to their target markets by best practices and strategies.

Communicating —

Multi-Web Media

unique and strategic solutions to meet my customers’ needs, and their business goals, for each project I work on.

Maximizing —


–   Multi-Channel Multi-Media (Email, Motion Graphics, Print, Video, and Web),  to reach out to target customer channels.

INTRO— About Me —

My name is Ted Piwowar  (P-VOV-R).

Ted PiwowarI’m a Creative Professional experienced in Multi-Channel Digital Collateral Design and Management   utilized for: Marketing Campaigns — Special Events — Education — Brand Promotion Campaigns — and more!

My roles range from:
— Production Artist/Designer — Digital Illustrator (Medical - Product - 2D/3D demonstration) — Online Digital Asset Management (Internal-External FTP servers) — E-mail Template Designer — Character Animation Designer — Motion Graphics Designer — E-Mail/Web Data Analyst — Online Digital Asset Management (Audio, Images, Motion Graphic, Photographs, PDFs, Video) — Social Media Campaign Marketer — Product Description Copywriting — Team Cross-Trainer — User Interface Designer — Art Director (Digital-Print-Video) — Online Video Editor-Producer

In addition, I also like to experiment with personal creative projects involving digital illustration, experimental animation, motion graphics, and video.

— Client List —

My clients range from individual entrepreneurs to major companies focused within several fields: Entertainment, E-Commerce, Education, Online Brand Marketing, Medical Equipment, and more!

Design— My Services —


• Art Direction
• Email HTML templates
• Brand and Company Logo Design
• Graphic User Interface
• Custom Web Banners


• 2D/3D Design
• Brand Products
• Info-Graphics
• Medical Illustration
• Trade-show Banners


• On-line web conversion
• Motion Graphics
• 2D Animation
• Video Editing
• YouTube Conversion


• Front-End Web Design and Development
• Landing Pages/Micro-sites Design
• Responsive Mobile Web Design

Additional Services

• Customer Service Rep
• E-Mail / Web Data Analyst
• Online Digital Asset Management
• Social Media Campaign Marketing


• Copy editing (Proofreading)
• Document migration management
• Catalogue Inventory management
• Project co-ordination


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Multi-MEDIA— Motion Graphics & Video —

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Demo Reel –
Animation/Motion Graphics/Live Video

Heart Clot –
Medical Education

Paint Process –
Experimental Video Short –
Promotional Introduction

Artery Vein Clot –
Medical Education

ION Analytics –
Promotional Introduction

REVIEWS— Testimonials —

Kimberly Cook – Talent Manager and previous agent at Aquent

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ted for the past couple of years and highly recommend his Web Content Management and Development skills! He has successfully completed several assignments for me and has always received positive feedback from my clients.”

George Thomson – New Media Coordinator at American Medical Association

“I had the pleasure of working with Ted at the American Medical Association from 2004 to 2007. Ted is extremely knowledgeable about web-based publishing, easy to work with, and always ready to help in any way to get the work done in an efficient and professional manner. He would be an asset in any work environment”

Celeste Salemme VP Communications at Cole Taylor Bank

“Our company hired Ted to execute changes to our Web site in January, 2010. He worked quickly and adapted very well to last-minute changes in a fluid situation. He fit right in with our team and his recommendations always proved sound. He was confident, capable and always professional. I would work with him again any time and do not hesitate to recommend him.”

Stacey Toibin – E-Commerce Merchandising Manager at The Bradford Group

“Ted helped us with QA and Content Management assistance during a major site re-platform in 2010. He was a great asset to us with our biggest eCommerce project since the launch of the website. I recommend him for detail-oriented projects long or short-term.”

Michael Barwacz – HOFFMAN UNITED DRAGONS coach, employee at ThinkorSwim, Inc

“Recently Ted designed a banner for our soccer team and all I can say is WOW. I gave him a couple of ideas as to what we wanted and he ran with it. The kids, as well as their parents (and anyone else fortunate enough to see it) were totally impressed. His creativity is astounding along with his attention to detail and work value. “

Scott Cooper – CEO ⁄ Company Founder of Educated Health Professionals

“Ted helped me develop an interactive graphical teaching of Ultrasound. I have used him in shorter projects to animate an aortic dissection and plaque rupture in a Myocardial Infarction.  He can take my ideas which are cerebral and convert them to the most spectacular multimedia presentations.

contact— Contact Me —


1217 Weber Drive
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005


1-773-787-7411 (mobile)

1-847-253-2853 (home)