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This site is an online portfolio produced by Ted Piwowar (pronounced P-VOV-R), a multi-talented creative professional who is involved in producing several rich digital media formats. These formats include graphic and web design, web content management, motion graphics, email campaign management, and video.

This creative media has helped improve marketing and brand exposure (both online and traditional media-related materials) to benefit the companies and clients whom I worked with, ranging from independent small business/individual entrepeneur to fortune 500 based companies. I've worn many hats from new media coordinator to multimedia producer to cross-trainer.

A variety of areas I've serviced with my skills in digital media production include arts & entertainment, education, financial, health-care, and manufacturing fields. For more information, visit the Services Page.

 Contact Info 

Ted Piwowar - Owner
Arlington Heights, IL
Contact: 773-787-7411

Current News:

May 30th, 2018 — Had to delete my old WordPress site due to incompatable update issues. I will be attempting to try to create an updated version by the beginning of June. A bit sad to learn this due to all my old sketch images (and other experimental media) were on this site. Now, I'm in the process of back-tracking and check archives of past work.

I also will slowly update this portfolio site in due time. Visit this page and other examples I've worked on by clicking here.

Stay Tuned!

- Ted Piwowar

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